BrightGirl Media Fundraises for Online TV Network

October 22, 2012 –

BrightGirl Media, a Dallas-based social media management firm, launched a fundraising campaign for an online TV network targeting the African American market. Driven by the shift toward online media, the network will distribute original content with the intent of offering emerging minority actors and producers a platform to have their work aired. In addition to the media content, the site also will house a social networking component so that viewers can form a community around the content offerings.

Chanelle Yarber, managing consultant for BrightGirl Media says:

“There is a huge disparity in the African American media market between those who are producing engaging, creative and compelling content and those who actually get a shot in the entertainment industry. This online TV network attempts to bridge that gap and possibly serve as an in-roads for artists into the industry. Now they won’t just be able to pitch a concept to the studios, but they’ll have this network as proving grounds to grow their audience and hone their craft.”

Funds are being raised through, a crowdfunding website that allows individuals to solicit monetary gifts to fund projects in exchange for rewards. The network is set to launch in the first quarter of 2013 with slots available for unique programs ranging from talk shows to sitcoms and dramas. For more information about the online TV network, contact Chanelle Yarber of BrightGirl Media.



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