This post summed up exactly why me along with a few friends in the industry have begun to take matters into our own hands. Film and TV media are similar beasts when it comes to minority inclusion. My favorite part of the post was when the writer said : There is a shit ton of money in the African-American community and there are a hell of a lot people that actually want to see authentic stories about Black people and other people of color. Maybe you could ask yourself, “gee, might there be any way that I can dip into my tremendous network of online followers and see if I can suss out some people with disposable income that might be interested in getting involved in crowdfunding efforts for independent films, making investments or doing other things to get some of the stories that I want to see made?”
Sums it up to me!

Tahir Jetter - Filmmaker

A rant meant to respond to certain trends that I’ve seen in social media, recently, particularly with respect to online discussions of African-Americans involved in the film industry, Black movies, movies about Black people, movies about Black people that people think should feature or be directed by other people, or whatever.

To be specific, I’m discussing the vitriol surrounding the casting of Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone and the alleged replacement of Tate Taylor “over” Spike Lee for the upcoming James Brown biopic to be produced by Brian Grazer and Mick Jagger.

There are a number of people who (for various reasons) are discussing these talent attachments (or detachments) throughout social media as though they are further emblematic of Black people/Black images/Black voices being slighted/downplayed/diminished in the America entertainment industry.

Not only have there been a slew of complaints but there has also been an UPROAR:

– People that (purportedly)…

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