I tweeted through the Oscars last night and enjoyed hilarious and entertaining dialogue with my Twitter friends for about three hours. Then this popped up in my timeline and the laughs and entertainment went out the window. As a (former) avid Onion follower I was repulsed that they would use such vocabulary in the first place and in reference to a young African American female. I was already upset by the AP reporter’s apparent laziness and disregard for her name by telling the 9-year old actress she was “just going to call her Annie” because she couldn’t pronounce Quvenzhane (kwa-VENG-ah-nay). Then there was Kelly Osbourne on the E! Red Carpet calling her “Lil Q.” Oh yes, and Seth MacFarlane made some off-color jokes about her as well. But The Onion put the icing and dynamite candles on the cake, struck the match and let it rip! So many Tweeters from celebrities, bloggers and the average joe expressed their outrage. Yet it took The Onion until about 11:00 AM (CST) the following day to even address it or issue an apology. Many were defending the news satire publication by saying people didn’t get that it was satirical and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Others said it had nothing to do with race. But when you put all of these elements together leading up to the deplorable comment, you have to examine deeper and question whether or not there was some hint of racism, sexism and age discrimination all wrapped up in one big ball of mess. What do you think? Was Quvenzhane Wallis targeted because of her age, color or gender? How did you feel when you learned of this incident?


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