#Hashtag Mania


Yes, Jonah and Jimmy’s skit is hilarious, but it’s not too far off from what I witness daily on social media; Hashtag overkill (hence why Twitter may be killing it off)! Most people are still wondering what is a hashtag and how to use it properly. Basically, the hashtag or “pound sign” is a way that social media indexes topics and conversations. It allows your message to be better found in searches and lets you participate in ongoing topics when you use them. Over time, people have begun to adapt the original Twitter hashtag and use it all over the place as terms of endearment, slang, or for comedic affect. Originally, Twitter was the only site that employed it, but now Facebook has adopted it and so have Google+ and Instagram as well as most other social media sites.

Click here to learn more about the #hashtag and its proper uses.


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