Facebook Hangover

Dear Facebook, Facebook Hangover

I am sincerely over you and your ever-changing ways. I have contorted myself and my services in every way possible to accommodate you and to please my clients, but you seem not to be as concerned with our relationship. I’m not breaking up with you. I can’t. And you know this. But I have to make other arrangements so that I don’t lose my mind – or my business.

The above is what I really would like to write to Mark Zuckerberg and his hearty band of Internet thieves about their schizophrenia. It just wouldn’t be a normal week in social media if they weren’t in Palo Alto changing something about the site (see a previous post…and another one on the ever changing social network). It seems like at the end of every month I have a Facebook hangover. As a social media marketer, it takes time, effort and headache meds to navigate and readjust strategies time after time. I hate to complain because there’s really not much I can do but adjust. So in an effort to better serve clients and minimize stress, I’m proposing less Facebook posting and shifting more of my focus to other outlets to gain more traction.

Click here to read more about Facebook’s changes on the BrightGirl Blog


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