Pretty Fades – Smart Stays

“Pretty Fades, Smart Stays” T-Shirt Empowers Women and Girls

 BrightGirl Media is empowering women and girls to have beauty and brains with the launch of their new t-shirt campaign.

Pretty Fades - Smart Stays

Nikki K in her “Pretty Fades” tee

 The “Pretty Fades, Smart Stays”  shirt can be purchased on Square Market.

Chanelle Yarber, managing consultant for BrightGirl Media, was inspired to have a statement shirt designed for women that not only reflects the company’s brand but also promotes their values of women and girl empowerment and entrepreneurship. “I am really passionate about seeing women entrepreneurs succeed and also making sure that our girls come up in an environment where they are praised not just for their beauty but for their brains too. As a nerd myself, I was conflicted as a teen with fitting in and being attractive or studying and being smart. With so many demeaning messages making females self conscious about their looks, I wanted to send the message that being smart is really what will make the difference in the long run.”

Antoinesse in her “Pretty Fades” tee

The “Pretty Fades” shirt is just one in a series of tees to be released that are focused on empowering women to be their best and brightest selves.


BrightGirl Media is a social media and video production firm, located in McKinney, Texas, focusing on building the brands and online reputations of small to medium-sized businesses. The firm was launched in June 2012 by media manager, Chanelle Yarber. For information, call (214) 620-0616 or visit


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