Twin Sisters in Film

Rhonda and Sharee Washington

Twin sisters, Rhonda & Sharee Washington, are filmmakers from Columbia, South Carolina who are building a production company for the faith-based community. Their four-year old company, We Connected Productions, is one of the first in South Carolina selected for, a new crowdfunding site that is the only one in the country run by a state agency to support small businesses and non-profits. Their passions are travel and youth – both of which they’ve channeled their film production into. In 2012, the duo started Kids Film Camp at their church, Columbia Bethlehem Community Center, which introduces at-risk youth to the art of filmmaking. They also travel internationally and produce a web show called “Take A Leap” which chronicles the lives of African-American expatriates in China, Rome and Italy. Click here to read more about Rhonda and Sharee’s ventures. To keep up with Rhonda and Sharee, follow them on social media at: weconnectedprod (Facebook and Twitter) or visit their website at


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