EXCLUSIVE: Columbus Short Gives Bizarre Interview to TJMS

Columbus Short in a very elusive interview with the Tom Joyner Morning Show. It reveals more than what he says if you read between the lines…

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Tom Joyner, Sybil Wilkes and J. Anthony Brown are still shaking their heads over this morning’s bizarre interview with Scandal actor Columbus Short. To put it lightly, he was less than a gladiator on the show this morning. Short was already generating controversy for three domestic violence allegations.   The most recent one accompanied his estranged wife Tanee McCall‘s third divorce filing where she said he pulled a knife on her and threatened to kill her and himself. Short responded to the allegations by saying his legal counsel had forbidden him to speak but that he would have his turn in court.

After Thursday’s explosive Scandal finale, Short called in for his previously scheduled interview on Friday, but the interview soon took a strange turn. Although we’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt as he was calling in…

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Collaborative Business Networking

Collaborate (v.) – to work with another or others on a joint project

Network (v.) – to cultivate people who can be helpful to one professionally, especially in finding employment or moving to a higher position

I attend at least three professional networking events per week on average. After having attended so many gatherings, I can gauge a room, scan body language cues and figure out the tone of the event in less than a minute. I know who is there for the food and drinks, who is there to bounce from person to person collecting as many cards or passing out as many as they can, and I also know who is there to truly build business relationships. After a while, meeting so many people gets stale and monotonous because few really take the time to learn the art of networking.

Every now and again I go to an event and after leaving with pockets and/or a purse full of cards I feel refreshed. Yesterday was one of those days. I attended a women’s collaborative networking luncheon with the Dallas-Ft. Worth CEO Space club. I wasn’t really “feeling it” but I kept feeling pressed to be there so I went. I really wasn’t up for another networking event because I had been talking to people all week. I’m glad I went because it was a shift from all of the previous draining experiences I’d had this week.

The very nature of CEO Space’s networking is collaborative. I didn’t feel like I was there to meet someone’s quota of fishing for X amount of leads or as though I’m being force fed a pitch to join a network marketing company (even though network marketers are there). We were put in a position of being servants and givers first. When meeting people, we asked “what are YOU doing and how can I help YOU?”

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Pretty Fades – Smart Stays

“Pretty Fades, Smart Stays” T-Shirt Empowers Women and Girls

 BrightGirl Media is empowering women and girls to have beauty and brains with the launch of their new t-shirt campaign.

Pretty Fades - Smart Stays

Nikki K in her “Pretty Fades” tee

 The “Pretty Fades, Smart Stays”  shirt can be purchased on Square Market.

Chanelle Yarber, managing consultant for BrightGirl Media, was inspired to have a statement shirt designed for women that not only reflects the company’s brand but also promotes their values of women and girl empowerment and entrepreneurship. “I am really passionate about seeing women entrepreneurs succeed and also making sure that our girls come up in an environment where they are praised not just for their beauty but for their brains too. As a nerd myself, I was conflicted as a teen with fitting in and being attractive or studying and being smart. With so many demeaning messages making females self conscious about their looks, I wanted to send the message that being smart is really what will make the difference in the long run.”

Antoinesse in her “Pretty Fades” tee

The “Pretty Fades” shirt is just one in a series of tees to be released that are focused on empowering women to be their best and brightest selves.


BrightGirl Media is a social media and video production firm, located in McKinney, Texas, focusing on building the brands and online reputations of small to medium-sized businesses. The firm was launched in June 2012 by media manager, Chanelle Yarber. For information, call (214) 620-0616 or visit www.brightgirlmedia.com

I tweeted through the Oscars last night and enjoyed hilarious and entertaining dialogue with my Twitter friends for about three hours. Then this popped up in my timeline and the laughs and entertainment went out the window. As a (former) avid Onion follower I was repulsed that they would use such vocabulary in the first place and in reference to a young African American female. I was already upset by the AP reporter’s apparent laziness and disregard for her name by telling the 9-year old actress she was “just going to call her Annie” because she couldn’t pronounce Quvenzhane (kwa-VENG-ah-nay). Then there was Kelly Osbourne on the E! Red Carpet calling her “Lil Q.” Oh yes, and Seth MacFarlane made some off-color jokes about her as well. But The Onion put the icing and dynamite candles on the cake, struck the match and let it rip! So many Tweeters from celebrities, bloggers and the average joe expressed their outrage. Yet it took The Onion until about 11:00 AM (CST) the following day to even address it or issue an apology. Many were defending the news satire publication by saying people didn’t get that it was satirical and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Others said it had nothing to do with race. But when you put all of these elements together leading up to the deplorable comment, you have to examine deeper and question whether or not there was some hint of racism, sexism and age discrimination all wrapped up in one big ball of mess. What do you think? Was Quvenzhane Wallis targeted because of her age, color or gender? How did you feel when you learned of this incident?


85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals C

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Second Digital Divide Leaves Blacks in Media Lagging

Second Digital Divide Leaves Blacks in Media Lagging

Hollywood trade and professional organizations report that the percentages of people of color (and in many categories, women) in senior positions are stagnant or actually declining. Minority ownership is also on the way down. With black ownership and executive ranks dropping, not surprisingly, black-themed shows are falling as well.

Carol Jenkins – Leading Lady in Broadcasting

Carol Jenkins is an Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist who is most widely known as the former co-anchor of WNBC-TV’s 6 p.m. newscast, a position she held for 23 years.
Carol Jenkins is making history … as one of the leading black females in media. With her decades-long career in front of the camera, and her behind-the-scenes roles as a producer and author, Jenkins has been a force in the media world, a place where women of color often face struggles to achieve longstanding and high-ranking roles.

Interesting take from Kerry Washington and Shonda Rhimes on the salacious Scandal we all love to hate. What do you think? Is the interracial aspect bothersome? Would it be better for Olivia Pope to date the single, black Senator and leave the white, married President alone?