Twin Sisters in Film

Rhonda and Sharee Washington

Twin sisters, Rhonda & Sharee Washington, are filmmakers from Columbia, South Carolina who are building a production company for the faith-based community. Continue reading


“What gets me i…

“What gets me is that so often the expression of the African-American experience that is acceptable and applauded by the industry is not coming from us. They are stories being told from the outside in. Interpretations of the black female experience, as opposed to reflection, are valid. All we are saying is our reflections are also valid. What our films have in common is they are showing reflections of who we are. They need to be just as valued, just as heard, just as critiqued and distributed as our white male counterparts’ interpretation of us.” – Ava DuVernay

African American female filmmakers are speaking out about the homogeneous representations of the Black female experience in Hollywood.